Jul 03, 2007
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Thank you all soooo much for all the warm wishes and sharing in our excitement about our newest little addition to our family!  We really could not be more thrilled!!  I have the BEST blog readers in the world and the BEST clients!  I received so many wonderful notes and phone calls, so exciting!   

So far the first trimester has been fairly kind to me.  Just a little sick feeling sometimes and soo soo tired.  I forgot how tiring the first trimester can be.  I’m not normally a sleeper, I actually require very little, but long naps in the afternoon with Taryn have been calling my name more and more.  It’s funny because when I was pregnant with Tyler I can remember sitting at my desk at work (I was a legal secretary then) and I would fall asleep at my desk while typing dictation.  I can remember my boss walking up behind me and waking up with a jolt thinking "oh crap, I hope I wasn’t snoring!!"  LOL!  In my defense though he did have a very monotone voice that droned on and on.  Ok, so it wasn’t him, cause I just "might" have fallen asleep on at least one occasion talking on the phone with a client who was yabbering on and on about her divorce.  It’s amazing I didn’t get fired before the 2nd trimester hit!!

This time around I feel lucky to be at home where I can be in my pj’s if I feel sick and take long naps with Taryn if the mood strikes me.  Although I must say, this pregnancy is so different having a toddler to chase after!  When I was pregnant with Taryn, Ty was 8 and pretty self sufficient, so it was a lot easier. 
I’m not a very good pregnant woman, I love being a mom, but I’m not good at being pregnant.  I wish I was one of those women who was.  Maybe if I had easy pregnancies I would like it more.  I’ve had two rough ones and really hoping that the 3rd one is the charm!  Regardless, the next few months on the blog should be interesting 😉

  • This is my third, I’m due Jan 8, and my youngest is 13.5 and my oldest 16. I don’t think it matters if the voice is monotone or the liveliest voice you know… this tiredness kicks butt! Mine hits in the afternoon too (actually I could sleep all day, but the darn job gets in the way!) I was doing the grocery shopping last week, and half way through the store it hit. I didn’t want to push the cart any more and I just wanted to go home. Right then and there! But I had to finish. And the mood swings! My 16 year old jokes that Bean has a remote control in there hitting, Cry, Laugh, Freak Out and Be Mean at random intervals. Best wishes to you and your family. I sincerely hope after everything that you have an enjoyable pregnancy!

  • Erin

    Well, here’s to hoping that this kid is a little nicer to you during the pregnancy stage;) I hear ya on having a toddler to chase when you’re tired and feel crappy. DS gets up in the morning and goes! I’m home with the kids too and thank goodness for afternoon naps (and self-sufficient older kids;)

  • Yay Lindsay! How exciting for you and your family! I can relate to the pregnancy induced exaustion. With my third I was a walking zombie, but it did get better the 2nd trimester! I can’t wait to read your blog over the next few months! I can’t explain it but I just get so excited for expectant families! Maybe because I’m not sure if I’m done yet! Congratulations!!!

  • Jennifer

    I love your slideshows- what are you using to create em?

  • Lynds – I can’t wait to hear about the next couple of months. I really hope that this pregnancy is easier on you. It’s no fun having difficult pregnancies. Praying for a healthy baby and an easy 9 months. Do you have an official due date yet?