Thank you all soooo much for all the warm wishes and sharing in our excitement about our newest little addition to our family!  We really could not be more thrilled!!  I have the BEST blog readers in the world and the BEST clients!  I received so many wonderful notes and phone calls, so exciting!   

So far the first trimester has been fairly kind to me.  Just a little sick feeling sometimes and soo soo tired.  I forgot how tiring the first trimester can be.  I’m not normally a sleeper, I actually require very little, but long naps in the afternoon with Taryn have been calling my name more and more.  It’s funny because when I was pregnant with Tyler I can remember sitting at my desk at work (I was a legal secretary then) and I would fall asleep at my desk while typing dictation.  I can remember my boss walking up behind me and waking up with a jolt thinking "oh crap, I hope I wasn’t snoring!!"  LOL!  In my defense though he did have a very monotone voice that droned on and on.  Ok, so it wasn’t him, cause I just "might" have fallen asleep on at least one occasion talking on the phone with a client who was yabbering on and on about her divorce.  It’s amazing I didn’t get fired before the 2nd trimester hit!!

This time around I feel lucky to be at home where I can be in my pj’s if I feel sick and take long naps with Taryn if the mood strikes me.  Although I must say, this pregnancy is so different having a toddler to chase after!  When I was pregnant with Taryn, Ty was 8 and pretty self sufficient, so it was a lot easier. 
I’m not a very good pregnant woman, I love being a mom, but I’m not good at being pregnant.  I wish I was one of those women who was.  Maybe if I had easy pregnancies I would like it more.  I’ve had two rough ones and really hoping that the 3rd one is the charm!  Regardless, the next few months on the blog should be interesting 😉