Marti, Teagan’s OT, shared her knowledge, her experience, her skill, her patience, her love and most of all her prayers for our little guy for months.  She shared her gifts with us and it has blessed us in so many ways.  Teagan made it through some very dark days with her at his side.  She never faltered, she never gave up.  There is nothing we can ever say, or do, that will feel like enough of a thank you for all that she has done for him.  And it wasn’t just her.  Rob, Suzy, Andy, they all made sacrifices to share so much of her with us and we deeply appreciate that.  They made such a difference in our lives, I can’t even wrap my mind around where we would be without them.  There is little I have to offer, so it was an honor to share my gift with them in the form of photos.  They showed up with their true selves, full of chaos and love and laughter.  And I loved every minute of it.  I hope they love their photos.

Thank you Smith family, from the bottom of our hearts.