Peeking in…..

Thank you all for the warm wishes, thoughts and prayers for Teagan.  His surgery went well and he is recovering quickly!  So much so that I was able to leave him in Jason’s capable hands for a few hours today to shoot a few sessions as planned (5 in 3 days!).  The plan was to shoot if he was well enough, and he is, and then return to normal working, proofing, catching up on emails, etc. on Monday.  But since he’s sleeping I thought I’d post a few sneak peeks for my amazingly understanding, flexible, thoughtful, rocking clients.  Seriously, I have THE best clients anyone could ever ask for!

One of my favorite families to photograph, I just adore them!  Jane’s 3rd birthday session is still one of my all time favorites.  And so is Joan’s birth.  Every time I see them, they totally make me smile.  Two faves for now, but many more, including Joan and her daddy, coming soon….

I can’t look at that photo of Jane and not smile.  Try….I dare you….bet you can’t either 😉

FAVE!!!  I love a good spontaneous snuggle.  I was photographing Jane when she quickly turned around and gave her mommy some love.  I heard Jennifer whisper, “my sweet girl” right after I snapped this.  Jennifer, you look so happy and gorgeous!