Thank you all for all your well wishes, comments and concerned emails, I appreciate it.  Yesterday morning when I got up I still wasn’t feeling ‘right’.  My doctor decided he wanted to do an EKG just to ensure there wasn’t any heart damage.  Thankfully everything came back clear and it looks like it will just take me a few days to shake the joint pain, burning sensations and an overall fried feeling.  I was reminded how lucky I am to be alive, much less walk away without serious injury.  I still can’t believe it happened, but I can promise you it’s a sensation I’ll never forget.

I think what sticks with me the most is that I was home alone with the kids.  Tyler could have seen his mom electrocuted, and that thought breaks my heart.  I’m so, so thankful, he wasn’t faced with that.  He knows what to do in case of an emergency, but you never want to have to find out.  My worst fear is that something will happen to me when I’m home alone with the kids.  Especially if Ty were in school and it was just me and the two little ones.  Ahhhh, you can tell this has set my mind reeling with all the ‘what if’s’.  I’ve been hugging the kids and Jase a little harder and Ty has certainly been more needy and clingy, having a full understanding of what happened.

On a lighter note, my friend Alli was convinced I’d wake up with some variation of super power yesterday morning, and, that she was destined to be my sidekick!  I half expected her on my door step by breakfast!  We spent quite a while discussing this and I told her that I’d planned to only use my powers for evil.  Little does she know that I woke up with long distance x-ray vision and can see what she’s doing right now, even a few blocks away!  BWAHAHAHAHAHA.  LOL!  Hey, maybe T will let me borrow her cape?!  Thanks Alli for making me laugh through all this, it’s exactly what I needed!

And because I feel like I can’t post without a pic… is little dude, chillin in the Bumbo…..

Have a great day!