Remember this?  And this?


How’s that for some belly for you mom?  πŸ˜‰  Little dude has got some new ankle rolls….see em? 

I get the urge to wake him up at night sometimes, I miss his little sweet face so much.  He’s so excited to see us every morning, all happy and chubby and snuggly and drooly.   I could just cuddle him all day.  He makes us all smile, and coo, and quack like a duck, a million times a day, cause he loves it.  He rolls and scoots all over the place, on the move.  He laughs at the simple site of his sister walking by and she always stops to tell him how cute he is.  He  grabs on to Ty’s nose with a giggle every time it’s within reach, and then laughs before he even reacts cause he knows what’s coming.  He’s a veggie lover and a distractable nurser.  He’s a binky boy, and a blankie boy, and a momma’s boy.  His half birthday fills this momma with sadness, because its going by too fast.  But I’m thankful to have savored every moment I can, even the tough ones.  And I’m in love with how much fun he is, happy and healthy.  Lovin life….