Every now and then one of my clients will ask me to photograph a birthday party.  It’s not something I get to do a lot of, but when I do, it’s always a blast!  Ty usually goes with me and we have often talked about him opening a side business of Life in Motion doing just birthday parties.  He really enjoys it and I love shooting with him.  He’s so good at it too.  He’s just so busy with homeschool and volunteering, we haven’t figure out a way to make it work yet with his schedule.  This particular party was AMAZING.  While I can’t share all the birthday party images because I don’t have releases on all the kiddos but I cannot resist sharing some of the details of this party.  Allyie is a rockstar party planner!  The details you can’t see that were so much fun included a Jedi Training Obstacle Course, the kids battling and taking down Darth Vader (and winning!) and lots and lots of light saber wars.  The party was a huge success and so FUN!  Scroll down to the bottom to see Ty getting in on the light saber wars, I couldn’t resist sharing those too.  Jack, you are so lucky to have such an awesome momma who puts so much time, love and attention in to your special day!  Happy Birthday buddy!

star wars birthday partystar wars party decorations

Kids love Ty.  At the end of the party we were wrapping up and I spotted Ty and Greg in the middle of a light saber war.  PHOTOG DOWN!  PHOTOG DOWN!  Hilarious.

light saber battle