I heard her happy little footsteps jump into our room this morning and before I even opened my eyes I could see the look on her face.  Pure joy.  A smile hit my face before I opened my eyes, because I just knew.  One of the rare days where she is genuinely happy first thing in the morning, no issues, no complaints, no whines, just happy.  I sat there and soaked it in for a second and then opened my eyes to see pure elation on my sweet girls face.  “It snoooooooowed Momma!  Come see, come look at the trees and ground and Momma, it really really snoooooowed!”  Joy.

Our day was filled with rushing through our morning route of supplements, smoothies and breakfast, the teenager dressing the toddlers to speed it all up, snowball fights, who was going to “get” who, a whole lot of snow angels, wet clothes by the door and scattering the foyer, sock mittens and snowballs, funny husbands dressed in a toddler hat, dear friends coming to play and have a snowball fight, two teenagers coming home covered in mud, soaking wet and freezing after a nerf war in the woods, comfort food for dinner and little people asking if we can do it all again tomorrow.  We live in Texas, so we can’t but I’m so, so happy that we were able to today.  The snow wasn’t wet at all, very powdery and light.  I think the thing that struck me the most today, after looking back at our snow day at this time last year, is that Teagan is so much healthier now than he was then.  So much.  He loved the snow today, he loved throwing it and playing in it, he loved not having it in his eyes and that it wasn’t super slippery.  We really got to enjoy it without it falling while we were outside and the sun even came out.  Perfect toddler snow.

These are just our snapshots from the day, no real editing, I’m so incredibly behind in blogging, I still need to blog my session yesterday with sweet little friend Timmy and Mack and Sally Brown for the upcoming 2nd annual Cure Duchenne Fundraiser, I’m behind on one frame a day, I still have multiple fall sessions to blog, not to mention that summer vacation to my mom’s house 2 years ago, Taryn’s 5th birthday 6 months ago and Christmas 2010 still sitting in my “to be blogged” folder….yes, I know that if I don’t steal a few hours of sleep from this very day that it just won’t ever happen.  So I ran these through ACR and here we go, please forgive the imperfections, I have.

Snow day February 2010, Snow day 2011 was a total blast.  Do you think we can do it 3 years in a row Austin?  2012….we’re game!