Arctic blast anyone?  I don’t mind the cold but when it feels 4 degrees outside, my van doors freeze shut and I can’t even get warm inside, I get a little cranky.  So cranky I may have driven myself to drive-thru Starbucks even though I gave it up successfully for well over a month.  The rolling blackouts make my kids wired too.  The worst part though?  My children have been talking to each other, themselves and me about how they absolutely cannot wait for February to get here for the last 12 months because it is going to snow.  You know, because last February it snowed.  It set the precident and now every February it will snow.  I’ve spent the last 12 months doing everything I could to convince them that February does not equal snow because I didn’t want them to be disappointed.  I mean come on, we live in Texas, what are the odds?!  Apparently, pretty darn good….

Dang.  All that effort, all year long, for nothing.  I guess I know what they’ll be talking about for the next 12 months.  Yeah, I know to most snow is that big of a deal, but to kids in central Texas, it is huge.  And looking at the photos from last year and remembering how much fun we had makes me hopeful that it will snow….