These two have been inseperable here lately.  I love it.  It makes my mommy heart sing.  We’ve earned that the hard way.  Taryn genuinely wants to be with him all the time, play with him, love him.  I can’t blame her one bit.  Anyway, these two have been asking for weeks if they could have a “sleep over” together.  Tonight turned out to be the perfect night for it…no school tomorrow, I don’t have a session at the crack of dawn, no one has to get up early (although they probably still will…sigh) and Ty is staying the night with a buddy which means they won’t wake him up if they get the giggles.  Of course Taryn promptly kicked me out before I even shut the book on the last page of the bedtime story.  Duder wanted me to stay and snuggle a bit.  But I did eventually leave them on their own to laugh and talk in the dark.  Something about that makes my heart swell and think about what a gift it is to have a sibling.  I thought for sure it would be Taryn to be the one misbehaving, but it was Teagan I heard over the monitor saying “don’t tell moooooommy!”  I was shocked, duder?!?!  And Taryn was snoring just a few minutes later.  I thought duder was asleep too until Jase and I heard the very sudden, and very loud “CHA-CHING” of the toy cash register over and over again.  He’s now asleep though snuggled up right next to his big sister.  It makes my heart melt.

Now I’m off to daydream about them sharing a room and me having my own office.  Hey, a girl can dream….at least until the 5 am wakeup call comes shrieking over the monitor with double trouble….