I just wanted to post really quick to say I haven’t totally disappeared.  If you’ve emailed me or called and haven’t gotten a reply, I will get back to you.  Everything went crazy when Taryn & Teagan started to not feel very well.  I went in to check on Teagan around 10:30 pm last night and his breathing sounded off.  We tried to move him to his side to see if that helped but it just woke him up and he started with a coughing fit.  We both quickly realized that he sounded really bad and decided to put him in our room for the night.  At 1 am he woke in a panic, wheezing, unable to catch his breath.  We threw the shower on for some steam and took him into the bathroom to try and settle him down a bit.  And it worked.  We debated bringing him in to the ER then but he was exhausted and quiet and calm again, so we let him sleep.  We tend to overreact when it comes to Teagan and breathing issues, we’re so cautious after almost loosing him when he stopped breathing hours after being born.  We were afraid we were overreacting and decided to stick it out and see how he did since he was calm again.  At 3 am he woke, flipping around like a fish out of water, unable to catch his breath and this time he didn’t calm down, it just got worse.  The wheezing was bad and my gut told me it was time to go, Jase agreed.  I got dressed and drove him straight to the ER while Jase stayed home with Ty and Taryn.  He was so cute as we drove away, waving his little arm from the backseat at his daddy on the front porch.  Such a sweet baby even when he’s so sick.  Within just a minute or two of walking through the ER doors, the person behind the desk had the nurse there with us, forget about the paperwork, sign your name here and GO.  Within seconds they were testing his oxygen levels and before I could even ask any questions they were giving him a steroid to help open up his airways.  He was pale, but breathing regularly when we arrived so I was a bit shocked at how quickly things moved when we walked through those ER doors.  An ER visit in Slidell almost always meant 6+ hours, health care is very, very different here.  It kind of freaked me out to see them just administering meds without even talking to me about what was going on, it just happened and I found myself stumbling to ask questions.  It was necessary though, and I understand that.  After the steriods they moved on to a breathing treatment.  He wasn’t a huge fan of the mask so they had me hold the tube right in front of his mouth and nose so that it would blow on him.  He kept shaking his head, telling me “no no mommy” and then he’d scowl and say “owie” and point to the band they put around his ankle.  It wasn’t really hurting him, he uses owie when you wash his face, change his diaper, basically anything he doesn’t particularly care for.  Once I ripped the band off, he went right to sleep and I was able to finish his breathing treatment without the pitiful little dirty looks.  At that point he had a few more episodes of waking in a panic, unable to breath.  The ER nurse stayed and observed him for awhile but once his oxygen levels were back up they felt it was safe to send us home.  Thankfully, he got a good stretch of sleep when we got home.  Of course my alarm clock was going off when we walked in telling me it was time to get up for the day, but I ignored it and crashed for about 2 hours with Teagan while Jase got up and got Ty off to school.  He did ok today and we had a followup with our pedi.  He put himself to bed several times, and was a whiny mess for the better part of the day, but I can’t blame the poor little guy 🙁  He’ll be back in our room tonight so that we can keep a close eye on him.

Tomorrow is the day Taryn has all of her pre-op stuff for her surgery next week.  We’ve already done the X-rays, she has to do audiology tomorrow and have all her blood work done, etc.  We’re hopeful they will determine she is well enough to continue with the surgery on schedule.  Crossing fingers so that she can finally get some relief.

So, I might be a little scarce until Wednesday or Thursday.  If you’ve tried to contact me, I will get back to you, I promise, it might just take me a bit longer than normal.  Thanks for understanding!!

ps – If you are considering a session in Seattle or Nashville, I still have just a few left for each city!