last night, well after midnight, jase was painting the kids playroom and i was working when we heard taryn’s bedroom door open.  sometimes she gets up to go to the bathroom, so we waited and listened.  sure enough, a flush followed and then we heard her bedroom door again.  we chatted about what a good girl she is and then went back to our projects.  around 2 i’m sleeping on the couch with my head on my laptop when jase wakes me up and tells me taryn fell asleep in the hallway.  i asked him if he’d moved her yet….”my wife is a photographer, are you kidding me?!”  LOL

is my kid the only one who does this?  ty never ever ever fell asleep in a weird place.  ever.  but he wasn’t a sleeper either.  T has a long, long, long history of falling asleep in crazy places….

((just so you don’t think I’m a bad mom who doesn’t buckle her kid in….the first shot, we were waiting on my mom who was in the store, i nursed taryn and then put her in her seat….she fell asleep playing with her shoelace))

you’d think the poor child doesn’t have a bed or something.  funny kid.