While looking through my external drive from last year for something tonight I realized I never posted or shared these.  They are just family snapshots.  I remember this day as a gift.  The kids and I had been running ragged, I was exhausted, I hadn’t even had a shower.  Teagan was improving, but still very sick at this point.  God graced us with a good (no demyelination, etc.) day.  Sans him having some major gut issues that morning, he was having a good day and I immediately knew I needed to get out of the house and where I wanted to go.  This is my favorite place in the fall.  I am sure most in Austin love it in the spring, but not me.  In the fall the big yellow leaves fall like a heavy snow storm.  The color is beautiful, it is calm, quiet, almost deserted.  When we got there, they were closed and I wanted to cry, both from exhaustion and getting the kids out of the house.  There was someone standing outside the entrance and I stopped to ask if they were closed.  She said they were but that we could come in and have the place to ourselves for a bit if we wanted to.  Perhaps she could sense my state, or maybe she’s an angel.  Most likely both.  I wanted more than anything to be in this place on that day.  Calm, quiet, reflective.  I wanted to bring my children here and pray for them.  I wanted to sit with Teagan, wrap my arms around him and pray with him for healing.  And that is just what we did.  We called it an adventure.  Ty and I traded off taking pics, I have no idea which of these I shot and which he did.  I love that.  Teagan struggled with the stairs and did that hunker down thing he always did, not sure on his feet or having a lot of balance.  Other than that, he did really well on this day, I was proud of him.  We walked and explored and prayed.  I felt a sense of peace here I hadn’t in many days.  I needed all of those things on this day….that’s what I remember the most about it.