My husband gasped out loud the other day that I have over 2700 photos on my iphone.  Yeah.  Sad part is, I haven’t backed any of them up or moved anything off since last November.  Bad.  So tonight I decided to do just that while editing.  I thought it would be fun to pull a few things off of it for a 6 on Tuesday iphone roundup post.  You’ve been forewarned of crappy photography and an uncut look in to our family, way more than you probably ever wanted to know, so there.

1.  Duder is obsessed.  No really, like obsessed, with his cars.  Hot wheels.  Total and complete love.  It started over spring break when Ty brought him a few back from his trip to see my mom.  My sweet boy, who will share just about anything, does NOT share his cars.  Ever.  You know that episode of Friends where Joey goes out on a date and she takes a fry or something off his plate and he yells “JOEY DOES NOT SHARE FOOD!”  That’s duder, but with cars.  Exhibit A below.  Notice the bad parenting when I verify that *I* am not the stinky head before catching the name calling offense.  Hey, at least I caught it 😉

2.  This is possibly my most favorite photo I’ve ever taken on my phone.  It’s horribly out of focus.  Need a back story on this one?  Yes, yes you do!  Ok, so one day during bluebonnet season I’d made several trips all the way out to Round Rock in one day, chasing toddlers in the flowers, then proceeded to take Taryn to swimming lessons and by the afternoon I was WIPED OUT.  T and I came in the front door, dropped my bag, took off my shoes, I told T to find daddy and collapsed face down on the couch.  Jason was outside with the boys in the backyard and I only half remember T asking me if she could go out too.  I mumbled yes but that she had to put clothes on first as she’d stripped off her wet swim suit, face down, exhausted.  A few minutes later I hear Jase barrel through the back door and bellow “what the hell is going on in here?!”  I opened one eye and instantly cracked up.  I grabbed my phone on the couch and snapped over my shoulder.  Homegirl got creative and grabbed the closest thing to get quickly dressed, a pair of Ty’s shorts in the laundry stack in the living room.  Ty’s shorts hiked up over her shoulders.  Awesome.  As I snapped this she looked over and said “WHAT?!?!”  HA!  This kid, I swear, I’m going to have so many stories to tell HER kids, I can’t wait!!

3.  This is what happens when T and I get bored at the Dr.’s office.

4.  Apparently I take random photos of food a lot too:

5.  This one is kind of old but still cracks me up.  Taryn walked in and woke me up around 3 am on night dressed to the hilt in old clothes that don’t fit her anymore and gassy.  HA!  You’ll hear us talk about fake poop.  Yes, the adults in this house are extremely mature and play practical jokes on our kids including buying fake poop from amazon to trick our children.  Hey, I’m not the one that flung it at her!  Anyway, my favorite part is when she walks off, hikes up her way too tight pants and looks at me like *I* am the crazy one, classic!

6. Ok, last one. We tell the kids that they aren’t allowed to get out of bed until the sun is up. Sometimes this works, most times it does not. Imagine Jason’s surprise last week when he found a string of 11 videos on his phone of Taryn talking and singing to herself in the dark. Yes, middle of the night, snuck across the house, stole daddy’s phone off his nightstand and proceeded to entertain herself. A couple of things to keep in mind, she believes she is able to speak spanish fluently, listen close for a quick blurb of the star wars theme song (her daddy is so proud) and I’m pretty sure at one point one of the boys must have shushed her.

I could go on and on y’all. This house is never ending entertainment I tell ya.