the new hiding place of choice is the kitchen pantry.  She’s in and out of there 15 times a day at least.  Walking out of my bedroom I realized it was quiet.  Too quiet.  I walked into the kitchen and the pantry door was closed but the door handle was moving.  My camera was sitting on the counter thankfully.  Little stinker was trying to sneak up me!  She said "BOO MOMMY I SEE YOU!".  My funny girl.


  • how cute! good thing you had your camera ready!

  • What a cutie!

  • very cute! don’t ya just love capturing moments like these!

  • So cute! DS’s new thing is sitting in DD’s locker (no lock on it) in her room. He closes it by holding onto a frame in the door and then pushes it opens yelling “Pee!” (Peeks! lol).

    Great thing you had your camera ready! I’ve started keeping my on the counter to capture stuff like that as little kids are so darn fast to get out of the thing that was so cute/funny!

  • Man you always catch the best moments!!

  • So cute! I love it! It’s amazing how you seem to catch the little moments. I guess like you mentioned it’s by keeping the camera close at hand. 🙂

  • That is so cute it’s almost sickening! Love the storyboard…
    🙂 🙂 🙂