Feb 20, 2008
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No photo post today.  No time or energy to pick up the camera. 

Last night at around 11 pm I was feeding Teagan.  When he was done nursing, I sat him up to burp him and he started to choke.  He recovered quickly, but afterwards his breathing was irregular.  He couldn’t catch his breath, he was struggling and it scared us to death.  He’s fine, and thankfully we received instructions from the NICU nurses on what to do if this sort of thing happens at home.  But, I did what any mother would do, I stayed up all night staring at him to make sure he was breathing.  He had a doctor’s appointment first thing this morning, and he’s doing well, but after his choking/turning gray episode in the hospital that landed him in NICU, it scared me to the core.

And good news from the Pedi today, his bilirubin levels have gone down to 12.4.  Very grateful for that.

Gee-Gee took Ty and Taryn off to Gatti-Land….and this tired mommy is off to nap with the baby.

  • I would’ve sat up all night too… hope he just gets bigger, bouncier, better and all those things!

  • Heather

    I would of been scared too and stayed up all night! So happy his levels are down!

  • {hugs} Newborns have a way of just scaring the life out of you, don’t they?

  • Bridget

    Glad to hear his levels are good! Definitely scary for you.. and to think this is just the first of many! Eek! XOXO

  • Wow, so glad he’s doing ok now. He’s definitely keeping you all on your toes!

  • Nia

    Awww,Jayden had the same issues as a newborn b/c of his reflux. Will they test Teagan for that? Jayden would have those choking episodes weekly and it was very scary, so they started him on zantac. The irregular breathing was most likely from him just trying to catch up after choking. I know that was scary (((HUGS)))