Taryn is a little less than thrilled about her new baby brother.  She’s adjusting.  Slowly.  She takes baby steps every day.  I think more than anything it scares her when he cries.  Two things she will do, give him a quick kiss on the head every now and then and tickle his feet.  Overall though, she’s not that impressed just yet.

So tonight when I asked her if she wanted to hold him and she said yes, I was a little surprised.  Everyone in the house came running and gathered around to see and praise her.  She did really well, and I think these images capture her true feelings…..

This is how we wish she would feel about her new baby brother (and she does about 1% of the time):


And reality (the other 99% of the time):


LOL!  I know she’ll adjust and come around, but boy has she been a challenging toddler mess the last few days.  I’ve had to remind myself many times that the adjustment is temporary….she will come around.  Eventually.