A certain little someone was released from her doctor yesterday to return to normal activities as of today.  She’s quite thrilled about that.  Today….she’s off and running again.  Quite literally.


Not only running and jumping again with glee, she’s eating and drinking and lasting longer between medicine doses.  We will not miss the repetitve “Taryn, don’t run…..Taryn, don’t jump….Taryn, we don’t want your throat to start bleeding, please come sit down”….it goes on and on.  Exhausting.  One minute we would have to fuss to keep her down and calm and the next we would be doing our best to keep her pain free long enough to eat or drink or sleep or just be.  Total balancing act.  An exhausting one at that.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed that we’re still yet to see the big change in her as promised.  The disappearance of the obstructive apnea and the appearance of peaceful sleep resulting in healthier and happier child.  Our eyes and hearts are on the lookout for it.  We’ll be patient….just looking at her today, I see a huge difference from 2 days ago.  2 days!  We even got the ok to send her back to school for one of her three normal days next week.  She hasn’t been in months.

And a quick story about my funny girl this morning.  We were in the car when a client called and I picked it up, hoping the kids would be content and quiet.  Wrong.  Taryn was yelling and laughing loudly to the point I could barely hear or concentrate.  (((sorry Polly!!)))  When I got off the phone I fussed at Taryn and must have muttered something about them “driving me nuts today” because a few minutes later she pipes up with “hey mooooooom, are you going PEEEEEEEA – NUTS?!?!  HAHAHAHAHA”.  I laughed along with her and then she followed it up with “At least you’re not going POO-NUTS!!!!  HEHEHAHA”  Niiiiiiiice.  I would be seriously concerned with the state of my life if I were going poo-nuts LOL.  She laughed at herself the rest of the way home.

Tonight = girls night out and margaritas.  Can’t wait, I’ve earned it!!