When I put up a post last week that I was making an unexpected trip to Houston, my photographer friend Wendi emailed me and grabbed it.  And she knew just what she wanted….”birth photographer Lyndsay to show up”.  Wendi wanted all the little real moment captured of her family at home, doing what they do, eating popcorn, playing, dress up, couch jumping, snuggling in bed, playing legos, painting toenails, all of that and more.  She wanted me to capture them…..living.  I LOVE that.  In fact, when she emailed me about it I shared with her that I’m so smitten with this idea that Jase and I hired someone a few months ago to come in and do the exact same thing for us in the fall.  Real moments, at home, all the little beautiful moments inbetween, they matter.

Story for the first photo…Oliver made his mom this necklace that she was supposed to wear for their last session with me.  Only, Wendi forgot it in Houston and their session was in Austin.  Whoops!  So we made sure that she wore it this go around.  He was so proud.  Is there anything better than a mom with a noodle necklace?!

Story for the second photo…Wendi really wanted to capture the kids in their favorite dressup costumes diving off the couch because this is the daily entertainment.  It’s what they do.  Constantly.    Miss A was about to dive when I caught this and oh my word, it cracks me up!  And while you’d think that Audrey is dressed up as batman, you’d be wrong, very, very wrong.  This is robyn, batman’s trusty sidekick.  I dare ya to tell her otherwise!  HA!

And I also have to share what I spotted right when I walked through their door!  I LOVE it!  That’s another thing about working with photographers that I absolutely love, they always print BIG.  I love what Wendi did with her photos from our last session together.  You’d think it is one big print but it’s not, individual standouts hung together and it’s just perfect!  And the awesome part is, if she ever wants to put something else in this spot, she’s not married to the sheer size of it, she can break it up and move it around.  Brilliant!  And it makes such a statement as you walk in their house, I just fell in love with it.

And now is where I’ll confess to a laugh we shared and hope Wendi doesn’t kill me for sharing.  As I walked in to their bedroom, I noticed a big frame with various photos in it.  But the families in the photos were obviously “frame families” and not anyone she knew.  I laughed, she blushed a little and then I too confessed that I’ve had an entire arrangement hanging in my bedroom (for over a YEAR) with frame families in it.  HA!  What is it they say about plumbers always having leaky faucets?!  Apparently photographers are the same way.  Well, at least these two photographers.  Wendi, don’t worry, I have just the photos for that frame!!