There are so many things that I love about these….

How simple and easy and real this session was.
That this family had just moved and they were still unpacking, but you can tell looking at their gallery.
That this is the first session I used only things that I’ve knitted.
This big sister LOVES being a big sister.  She gave me so much time to photograph her with her baby sister, I almost didn’t know what to do with myself, I didn’t have to hurry for the often troublesome toddler newborn pics!
When big sister declared little sister was so pretty, even her neck is pretty!  Hilarious!
The way Penelope would constantly peek out with one eye open, just to check and see what was going on.
Mom’s soulful eyes.
Her first bath photo, in a bowl brought from Italy, many years ago.  Many generations have had their first bath in this bowl and it was an honor to capture and be there for it.
Big sister’s bath curiosity.
The adorable cradle I found in their home.  It belonged to her father when he was a baby.

Congratulations again guys, Penelope is absolutely gorgeous and I’m so thrilled you love your images!