Ok, so I thought I would post this thread, even though it feels a little silly to me.  I get a ton of emails with lots of different questions, everything you can imagine, personal, business, photography related, you name it.  I’m embarrassed to admit that I presently have 499 messages in my inbox (it was 852 until I cleaned some out last night).  I’m even more embarrassed to admit that there are quite a few of those messages with questions that I’ve not replied to.  I have good intentions, I really do.  I open them and then promise myself I’ll go back when I have two free hands (which is kind of rare around here) so that I can quickly type out a long, detailed reply.  Only, I find my long winded replies are few and far between, especially as I find most of my online time happening during the "one handed nurse and surf" as we call it around here. 

Annnnnd, since I’ve never done a FAQ post here, I thought it would be fun to mix it up a little bit.  Joy asked me in the post below about the vendors I use, so I’ll be sure to answer that one, but seriously, ask me anything!  Personal, business, photography related or not….I’m pretty much an open book, so ask away!  And maybe I’ll make my way through some of those emails and pull some of those questions and answer those here too.

Oh, my favorite color is green….there, no one has to ask that now ;P  Yeah, I’m sure you guys really wanted to know that!

And because I can’t have two posts in a row without a pic….Mr. Teagan, sporting some cuteness….