Queso is considered a food group.

"Howdy" means "Hi, how are ya?" and usually includes a nod of the head.  Go ahead, try it out, bet you can’t do it without the nod.

And cowboy hats….well….they’re big here.  But, its windy….so you best hold on to hat….



A few other favorites…


when you are 18 months old, smelling pretty flowers includes puckering =)


And since I haven’t shared an entire session in quite a while, and because I love them all, CLICK HERE.  Lily is one amazing little girl, I just adore her and we are so lucky to have such wonderful friends in her parents!

ps – I’ll be posting about Ty’s birthday tomorrow, then I’ll sit down and answer all the questions from "Ask me anything" on Sunday!  Even my momma’s crazy question!!