Taryn had to stay home from school today.  Teagan woke up at 6 am *yelling* that it MUST be time to go trick or treating already.  I had to get creative in trying to put off having them in their costumes all day long.  They were still in the wash actually.  So I dug out the dress up stuff for them and they spent their day as dogs.  Just like the old days.  It made me smile.  They made me smile.  When it came time to get dressed up for trick or treating tonight, Taryn happily changed in to her horse costume.  Duder was having more than a handful of, ahem, *difficult* moments.  He decided at the last minute to forgo the super nice (read expensive) Finn McMissel costume for the (free) dog costume that has been living in our garage for a few years.  I didn’t bat an eye, he’s one of the two cutest dogs I ever did see.