We bought several large frames at an auction 3ish years ago and they have just been sitting in a closet every since.  I spotted this idea on Pinterest and knew it was perfect for our unloved, massively large frames.  This one is over our bed holds 5×7 photos from the Love Light Night Session we did with Michele almost 2 years ago.  I’m so happy to have these up!  There are photos of the kids all over the house, but these are just us and I now get to look at them every single day.  We did another setup just like this one, except for vertical with 4×6 prints, all fun snapshots that make me smile, in my office.  And, I can easily switch out the photos on a whim if I want to.  I’m beyond thrilled with both of them and they were super cheap.  Cheap frames from the auction, cheap clips from IKEA, cheap wire from Lowes and just a few favorite prints….voile!