After my cry for help, we started to get to work around here.  First up, tackling my desk.  We bought some supplies, boxes, cubbies, dividers and a new bookcase to house everything from paper to portrait packaging supplies like ribbon, presentation boxes, albums and so much more.

Jase put the bookcase we bought together last night and I LOVE it.  The best part is yet to come, the doors are big frames for (what else) PHOTOS.  How flippin cool is that.  Big photos!  15 in x75….yummmmm-e.  And you know you’re hardcore organized when your labels need labels….

Funny story, the other day when I was labeling everything in sight, Taryn came and sat on my lap at my desk.  She requested a label with her name on it to put on her shirt and spelled out the letters with me, t-a-r-y-n.  Her next request cracked me up…”Mommy I need one that says “relax chic”….oh yes you do girlfriend.  ha.

I’ve been picking up other little things for the house to help contain things.  These finds were only $5 bucks!  Score!  I love TJMaxx.

I’ll come back and post pics of our new and improved organized spaces once we finish up, I’m just happy to finally make some progress!  Thank you all so much for your ideas, feedback and understanding!!

Happy Friday!