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Jun 03, 2007
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for an UNREAL amount of cuteness….


are ya ready?….

ok, but don’t say I didn’t warn ya!


Sometimes I love it when clients totally ignore my advice.  Little Klaire’s mommy pulled out the lollipop dress and said "I know you say no bold patterns…but…"  I thought I’d died and gone to heaven!  As it is I have a soft spot for any mom that blows up a photograph of her child covered in cookie for her dining room wall and orders silly face pictures for their Christmas cards – LOVE that!

Katie – you’re gonna have to save me on this one and post to tell us where you got the lollipop dress!?!  I’m positive I’ll have at least 10 emails in my inbox by Monday asking!  Taryn doesn’t just want one, she needs one!  =)

  • Yes, we need to know where she got that dress. My neice would look absolutly adorable in it. I don’t know if she could beat her though lol

    The ponytails. The dress. The expressive face. Beautiful!!!

  • Thanks for the cuteness warning, it was needed! PLEASE tell us where that dress is from, MUST.HAVE.DRESS.:)

  • Ok that dress is too darned cute! And the ponytails! Adorable. Yep, gotta know where that dress came from. 🙂

  • MI MI’s in Metairie, La (Clearview Mall)! I have to give the credit to my husband; he walked up to me with it and said, “we are buying this!”. How could I say no?

  • too bad your seesion before ate all the lollipops! that’s for you Ms. Maddie Moo (lol) :)!!!! This is the FIRST time I’ve ever saw Klaire look like my husband; seriously!

  • What a face? The dress is cute but she is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen! I love you, my girl.