Playing a bit of catch up around here….it’s February and I still haven’t shared a single fall session from last year.  And I have a big stack of them!  I please temporary insanity by way of motherhood.  And the fact that Jonah is so cute I can’t stop staring at him long enough to blog 😉  Ms. Allison is pretty darn cute too.  This little girl steals my heart every time I see her.  Here she is at 6 months….this was the last session I shot before Jonah arrived.  I was *so* pregnant and uncomfortable.  Kudos to my awesome clients for not laughing at me while trying to get up off the ground while shooting the tutu shots.  I would have laughed at me lol!

And they added a 9 month mini to their baby plan.  I’m so so glad they did, she’d changed so very much in just 3 short months (she has a bunch of hair under that pretty pink hat)!  She’s about to turn one, which is crazy talk!!