Bob has been a busy guy hanging out on our non-toxic, non-offgasing, makeshift “garland”.  He also had to go on a rescue mission, darned pesky penguin stole his hat, of all the nerve!  And the other night the kids asked if Bob could go with us when we were heading out in our PJ’s to look at Christmas lights.  They were thrilled that he got a frontrow “seat”!  HA!

If you are local, we followed this map for Christmas lights and it was totally worth it.  Teagan picked the #3 on the list as his top choice before we even left the house and it was by far the best one (shoulda been #1)!  If it is not too cold (and if you put shoes on your kids, which we did not), you can get out and walk #3 around the circle and read The Christmas Story!