He was just so dreamy.  What an absolutely adorable way to start the day.  Mini session this morning with Mr. Owen, stop at the store, home to hang out with my crazy family that I’ve barely seen, cleaning my house that has been hit by what I can only assume to be a tornado, editing, editing, editing, feeding the beasts, I made hummus and chicken and Ty helped me put dinner in the crockpot, editing, editing, editing a quick nap with duder, editing, pinterst, editing, pinterest, editing, and then I’m off to another mini session tonight with one of my favorite families in Austin!  And then the craziness really starts when I get home just in time to eat dinner, supplements for the kids, bath and bed routine.  How is that the craziest part of the day?!  And Jase handles most of it.  And then the real work begins after the monsters are asleep, you guessed it, editing!  HA!  Ok, and a little pinterest.  Gotta love the weekends during busy season =)

If we are friends on facebook, the above paragraph may help explain why I’d ever consider tripping someone over starbucks (((((blush))))).  I’m a recovering coffee addict and I misssssss it soooooo much!!!