Yesterday was a crazy blur of a day between kids, OT for Taryn, and then my annual big fundraiser, The Little Monsters Bash in the afternoon/evening.  It was SO much fun!!  I just loved seeing all my little friends in their costumes.  I’ll be posting much more about the event that benefits CureDuchenne in my friend Timmy’s name.  It was a big success and we raised a lot of money thanks to my very generous clients!  Photos coming soon!

In the meantime, I owe sweet little Joan a sneak peek for her second birthday session this morning.  Can you even believe she’s 2 already?!  Thankfully, her shoes were left on the kitchen counter.  I say thankfully, because little old photographer was moving a little slow this morning after photographing dozens of kiddos at the Bash yesterday.  Kids without shoes, run slower, and it’s easier for little old photographers to keep up.  Whew!  Happy Birthday Joan!