It’s still missing a few things but it’s getting close, so I thought I’d go ahead and share.  In the "big room swap of 2008" as my friend McGee calls it, Taryn got Ty’s old room.  Its the biggest of the 3 tiny bedrooms for the kids, and the room with the best light.  I’ve got to give Ty major kudos for giving his room to his sister.  He didn’t balk at it at all and wanted to give it to her, knowing she would use the space more than he did.  Well, he later confessed that a smaller room meant less for him to clean, but hey, he’s still a good kid with a big heart for giving his room to his pesky little sis.

This part is still unfinished.  Her pillows are back ordered and won’t be in until June, so we’re waiting on those.  Above the bed are the hooks I made, this will be her photo wall.  From each hook we’ll hang a 12×18 mounted print with ribbon.  I still have to decide what prints to order though.  It will be 3 horizontal from the pink pegs and two verticals (hanging lower) from the green pegs.  And I seriously adore her bed.  At first I was against a daybed, because I wanted her to have a nightstand, but this thing is just so darn functional, it’s crazy.  The drawers at the bottom are huge pullouts.  We were able to get rid of her old toy box, a huge basket of toys that used to live in the dining room and another basket of toys living in the office, plus some stuff from her closet.  All that and only 2 of the drawers are filled.  They are on rollers so it’s super easy for her to pull them out and get what she wants to play with.  The third drawer is empty at the moment, I love having extra space.  Not only is it filled with storage, but the entire bottom unit pulls out to provide space for another mattress, a trundle of sorts.  I am thinking we’ll buy a roll away or blowup for when she has sleepovers or when my mom is here.  I love furniture that has the ability to multi-task, it’s just smart.


This is the opposite corner.  I need to replace the photo in the frame because it got wet somehow during the move and is damaged.  I’m not sure what photo to print for it yet though.  Maybe the naked chef photo?


She loves this spot.  I mean really loves having a place to just sit and read.  In fact, when I put her frog in her chair, she fussed at me and said it was just for her.   You can see to the left that we moved her dresser into to her closet.  It fits perfectly and it gives her a lot more room to play.


Close up of the bookshelf.  Originally I wanted to upholster the back of it.  I had all the supplies and made one upholstered piece and it was a huge headache, and then didn’t fit in there right.  So I ditched that idea and stole one from Erin and used contact paper (and oh my gosh, I didn’t even realize it’s the exact same paper too until I went to find her old post and link it – gotta love Target!  I was being a total copycat and didn’t even realize it…ha!).  Definitley a two person job, Ty helped me and I needed his extra set of hands.


You can see the magnet boards in this shot.  I kind of want to repaint them, they are darker than I wanted.  I wanted a cool green and they are more army green.  It’s hard to find just the right shade of spray paint though.  Maybe I should go sky blue or pink, T would love that.


Close up of a few of the magnets.  Taryn loves these.  We bought pre-painted shapes from Michaels for $0.99 and I put self adhesive magnets on the back of each one.  Cute huh?  And cheap!


I think my favorite part of her new room is the rug.  My mom bought it for her from JCPenny and it’s just so cushy and dreamy.  The perfect spot to read, do a puzzle, or just sit and play.  Teagan and I love sitting on it while she plays, he naps on it almost daily and Jase has even fallen asleep on it a few times.  It’s that comfy.


Two things about the photo above, please pardon the fact that she’s in her undies, but thats standard issue these days.  She’s doing great potty training, I’m so proud of her, but she doesn’t like getting dressed and undressed all day long, over and over.  I do put pants on her when we go out though 😉

Second, the bandage on her leg, she got bit by a spider this weekend.  We brought her to the clinic this morning and she’s fine.  We don’t know what kind of spider it was.  We have seen black widows outside of our house though, and we know she got bit outside, so it scared us pretty good.   Thankfully she’s ok and it’s not infected or bothering her that much.  You can actually see the bite on her leg below where the "bo-baid" is….she insisted on putting the Dora Bo-Baid herself and missed. Toddlers.

Thanks for looking….pics of Ty’s room coming soon….hopefully we can finish it before my Mom gets here on Thursday!