Teagan loves his new mobile (the cute matching one broke…humph).  I gotta admit, it is pretty cool with swirly things, things that move as it spins around and three animals (a sheep, a cow and a donkey).  He talks, babbles and coos in fascination. 


Over the last few days he’s taken a liking to the sheep.  He’s so cute, he talks to the sheep as he spins by, kicks his little feet in excitement, and then cranks his neck around waiting for the sheep to come back, ignoring the donkey and the cow.  I swear he’s telling the sheep all his secrets.  He looks pretty trustworthy to me though…


I’ve got to share this one too…there’s lots wrong with it technically, but I just adore how she’s snuggling up to him and holding his hand all on her own.  She’s come a long way.


Happy weekend!