Every morning when we wake up, we all take a look at Teagan’s hair and have a good giggle.  He has funny hair, or as I tell him several times a day, he has "funny fuzz".  We thought he’d given up on funny hair-dos after he sported the George Costanza look for a few weeks.  He was bald on top and kept everything on the sides and in the back.  Then the hair on top grew back in, literally overnight, it was the weirdest thing.  He woke up one morning with hair again and Jason and I both just stared at him, trying to figure out what just happened and if we were totally sleep deprived or seeing it for real.

Anyway, as his hair has grown, it’s turned into funny fuzz on top.  And part of it sticks straight up, kinda like a mohawk, right in the middle.  No matter how much we brush it, up it goes.  But the rest lays flat and is very fine.  Silly boy with silly hair, he makes us laugh.  My meager attempt to capture "the fuzz"….it’s much funnier in person as it stands up taller than this photo shows.


ETA:  it’s crazy what a mix this little guy is of all of us.  Looking at this photo makes me realize he has his daddy’s ears, Taryn’s eyes, Ty’s eyelashes (they are so long they hit his eyebrows when his eyes are all the way open), Jason’s nose at the top and mine at the bottom, and Ty’s mouth.  But his hair, yeah, he’s doing his own thing there.  A Teagan original 😉