Tara is a fellow Austin photographer and she photographed my family 2 falls ago.  She had a credit with me for that session and we were both so hoping that it would work out for me to photograph her 3rd birth.  The timing didn’t work with our schedules so she waited until Drew was a bit older to cash in this session.  I absolutely love photographing other photographers – it’s fun to get a photog on the other side of the lens!  I was totally nervous this time because the photos she took of my crew are some of my all time faves, I have them plastered all over my house.  The pressure was on.  Our biggest challenge?  The mosquitoes.  Y’all.  I have never ever ever in the history of ever seen such bad mosquitoes.  This location is at the bottom of a damn and they were Jurassic size pests.  They were everywhere, thank goodness for cloning in photoshop and the right lens in my bag!  Tara, thank you so much for the beautiful memories you’ve captured for my family.  I hope you love yours as much as I love mine!