It was at dinner one night, must have been several years ago now, that this idea hit me.  Taryn has issues sitting in her chair at dinner.  It was going on looooong before we realized it’s related to her sensory issues.  But every time we sit at the table, without fail, we are reminding her to sit in her chair correctly.  She perches on the edge, sits with her knees and feet up, or just doesn’t plant her butt in the chair at all.  It drives us pretty crazy.  Anyway, so one night, long ago, I told her I was going to buy her some suction cup pants.  She gave me one of her crazy eyed funny looks and laughed.  As time passed, and she still wasn’t willingly planting her butt in her chair for 3 meals a day, we’d look at her, smile and say “Suction cup pants chic, it’s happening….” and she’d scowl / smile then sit in her chair.  One night on a whim, I googled to see if such a thing exists and do you know that it DOESN’T?!?!  Seriously, no one has come up with this idea?!  I was surprised.  I mean, I was ready to buy.  COME ON, suction cup pants, for kids of all ages?!  Brilliant.  Million dollar idea right?  And apparently, it’s all mine.  HA!

Anyway, so we did the 4 gifts thing this year, want, need, wear, read.  I immediately knew what I had to do for Taryn for her wear item.  I knew she wasn’t planning to be impressed with her wear item, she’s rarely impressed with clothes in the moment she receives them.  Later, yes, in the moment, no.

See, not impressed.  No, no, she’s not amused by my antics one single bit…

She can’t resist me.  She knows it’s funny.

Really funny.

“I am never wearing these….”

Good stuff.  She makes me laugh.

So here it is, my million dollar idea, parents everywhere need these.

I have tons of memories and holiday fun stuff to come share.  Hopefully this blog will liven up a little bit here very soon, I miss this place tons.