love of my life


finally….someone thinks I’m hilarious


Even with all our furniture piled into one room because we’re getting ready for fireplace demo tomorrow, Ty found a place to stretch out with a book….


As I tucked Taryn into bed tonight, she amazed me once again.  Jason was in the living room cutting plastic sheeting and tearing tape to put up in all the doorways for tomorrow.  It went something like this….

Taryn:  Mommy, what dat? (pointing toward the door)
Me:  That’s Daddy honey, he’s cutting tape.
Taryn:  He workin?
Me:  Yes baby, daddy is workin.
Taryn:  Where Ty?
Me:  Ty’s workin too.
Taryn:  Ty big boy.
Me:  Yes baby, Ty is a big boy.
Taryn:  Big boy go nite nite Mommy?
Me:  Yes, that big boy needs to go nite nite too.
Taryn:  Nite nite, big boy.  Nite nite, Mommy.
Me:  Nite, Nite baby….close your eyes….

When in the world did she learn the art of conversation??  She’s getting so big, way too fast.