Feb 15, 2008
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A day late, but we’ve been a little busy 😉


A huge thanks to our friend Jill for bringing us this rug that I have been searching for high and low!

  • I can not get enough of this little guy! What an amazing picture..so adorable! I bet Gee Gee is having a blast getting to know this little one. How is Taryn doing with him? I’m sure Ty is loving having a little boy around!

  • Joey

    Oh my goodness! What a adorable picture!!!! Never thought of doing that! Super cute!

  • Beautiful Lyndsay! He is one adorable baby. Watching your recent posts of Teagan has really been taking me back to when mine were brand new. Thanks for sharing all your wonderful pics and moments.

  • I have not seen this before. I LOVE IT!! He is sooo precious. What a great bundle of joy you have!

  • oh my.. what a cutie? and he’s only 5 days old..?? he looks so big!! sweet little valentine!

  • Bridget

    Look at you being so on top of holiday pictures w/ the little guy already! Love it! 🙂