Feb 16, 2008
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We are off to another dr visit for Teagan this morning.  He had his NICU follow up yesterday and his billirubin numbers came back high.  They went from 6.2 in the hospital to 14.5 yesterday….so we’re getting them checked again today.  Too bad its not sunny here or he could do some naked sunbathing in the window.

  • Good luck with those numbers coming down fast! My almost 2 year had high bilirubin after a couple of days at home and we had to have the bilibed (little UV light bed) brought to our house for a few days. We were on the verge of having to be sent back to the hospital. Thank goodness we weren’t!

  • Girl – you are amazing… having photo shoots with the little man and you’ve only been home a few days. Ben was 2 weeks yesterday and I have yet to do anything. OPPS! Well, I’m not nearly as talented as you either! =) The pictures on the heart rug and bear are sooooo cute! I can’t wait to see more of him. He’s so dear I just want to pick him up and hold him!

  • He is the cutest little thing1 I love that bear and the picture of him on the heart rug. I love your style, you are an inspiration to me, thanks for the beautiful work and capturing him so early is amazing…good job. Maybe someday I can amount to half the work you do. (I’m just starting to learn).

  • I just love seeing this little man! He just melts my heart.