Yes, I realize this is my 3rd blog post today, but in my defense, tomorrow will be busy!  Teagan has his first check up to follow up with his pediatrician after his NICU stay and my mother-in-law is taking Taryn and picking up my mom at the airport!  I’m so excited and so thankful that both Grandma’s have been able to come visit and help.

My only other excuse is that I’m dying to show off our new handsome guy.  I could just sit and stare at him all day.  We’re still figuring out his temperment and it’s been comical.  He loves to check things out with one eye open and seems to constantly be looking for his daddy this way.  If he’s unsure of something, he gives it the old "elvis lip" and I’m totally digging his "little old man" stretches.

But my favorite, are these chub-i-licious cheeks and chins.  They are most apparent when he’s over indulged in milk and has no energy to hold them all up πŸ˜‰


and only 2 shots later….he makes it known he wasn’t quite finished eating.  Yes, this little one has quite the temper.  He turns it on and off like a switch, sometimes for no apparent reason whatsoever.  It gets pretty comical.


By the way, these were shot by Jason, who is quite proud of himself for picking up the camera so much, and is demanding credit.  =)