these are for my mom.  who *almost* never complains about never getting photos of the kids anymore.  or that I rarely even send the ones I do take.  or that she’s still waiting on me to proof all the photos from our trip to her house *last* summer.  or that all the walls in her big, new house at the beach are blank and awaiting to be a life in motion gallery, just like her old house was.  or that she was supposed to see the kids over spring break, but I took on too much work to be able to go.  she certainly has more patience with me than I would if I were her.  I know that she was dying to see these when she read my facebook update today that taryn gave me 20 minutes of amazing cooperation and camera time in exchange for one shimmer tube of lip gloss.  just a few of the over 50 I will proof *eventually*.  love you mom.  here is our girl…..