Jan 08, 2007
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When I first fell in love with photography just under a year ago, I shared it with a photographer that had taken photographs of my family for over a year, a photographer I admired and respected. His response was surprising. He told me, in no uncertain terms, that I would fail. I was devastated.

Because of that experience I have a hard time letting myself feel success sometimes. But I did learn something from it. I learned that I want to treat people who have the same love of photography that I have, with respect and kindness. No matter what their level of skill, no matter what their goal, no matter what. And I’ve tried very hard to do that.

When I think of the success of others, it always seems to be a more tangible thing, an accomplishment, but when I think of my own success, it feels more like an emotion. I wonder why that is?

So I had a little moment of success the other day and I wanted to share it, just because it made me feel good inside. I received an email a few days ago, totally random and unexpected….

I just wanted to let you know that you have had an impact in my life and you don’t even know me. I have always been a very creative person and didn’t know what to do with that outlet. From drawing, to interior design, to even doing friends makeup- I knew I had to do something creative with my life.

I didn’t know what that was untill I had my son, and fell in love with photography. Your work, and the fact that you are just learning and producing these amazing images has inspired me in ways I will never be able to put into words. I feel like I have a path for my life now and just wanted to thank you for the role you have played in it.

I hope one day I can inspire someone to achieve their dream either directly or indirectly like you have. Thank you.

Wow. Just wow. This email meant so much more to me than the author could have known. And to receive such a wonderful gift in my inbox made me feel my emotion of success. Thank you “N”, that last sentence gets to me every time I read it. Follow your dream with your whole heart and you will succeed!

  • WOW! This is fantastic!! I just love that this person took the time to e-mail you to let you know how she feels about you..
    You know Lindsay – you are an inspiration to me too ..
    I am still learning .. but when I look at your work .. I know I can get better and better ..
    You are a very talended photographer … and don’t let anyone tell you differently!!
    Thanks for sharing!!
    Take Care, Julie

  • I remember the photographer that told you you would fail. I thought he was senseless then and still do now.

    What a thougthful email to recieve, I am happy for you and for the author for being open to insiration.

    I see why you may have difficulty enjoying your success. Open yourself up to it girl, it is already here and more is coming!!!!

    Other Julie (lol)

  • Kimberly

    Ditto everything that person said! I only “know” you through the nest but you have definitely inspired me! Your work is AMAZING!!!


  • Nicole

    I see myself getting better with every set of photos I take and I am loving the journey. Again, thanks for the inspiration to go after a dream I didn’t even know I had!


  • Stephanie

    I didn’t know this story! What a turd! Why in the world would someone say something like that? Guess he is feeling like a big dummy NOW! HA!

    Can’t wait to see what you’re gonna do with that 5D- probably put him out of BUSINESS!!! :o)

  • Lyndsay,

    I think you inspire more people then you realize. Your story, what you have been through personally and your family and the amazing talent you have and the direction you are headed, it is simply inspiring.

    I share your story with so many people. I think not only by your amazing talent, but by being who you are, you are destined for greatness.

  • You also inspire me… much more then you know. I’m just hoping that you don’t start getting the ‘stalker’ feel from me… LoL

    That’s such a beautiful email. Too often, we forget to let people know when they have touched our lives in positive ways. We always remember to give them a piece of our mind if they have done us wrong. It’s something I’ve promised to work on more this year.