i am so far behind on sharing client sessions.  well, i went in to pull my favorites from this session and ended up with over 20 images….and that was after i widdled them down a bit.  their sneak peek is here (and here).  y’all know i have a crush on him.  loved this session, loved it!

mom shared with me that he’s fascinated by his shadow, love this one!

such a cute little family!

same moment, two views, hehehehehe

right after these two shots i was adjusting my camera when i looked up to see this….i shot from the hip and though i rarely release or show anything that isn’t in focus, i had to show these.  maybe it’s the fact that teagan just quit giving open mouth kisses and he’s only a few months older than this little guy.  but i miss it, it passes quickly.  when i called mom about their slideshow, i explained these are slightly out of focus and she said she loved them anyway, she could feel his warm breath on her face just looking at them….ahhhh, that’s such a momma thing, love that.

and last but not least, we did a little birthday cake divin’

oh and if you are one of my friends on facebook, check my profile for a video of this little dude eating his cake that his parents shot during our shoot, pretty cute.

eh, what the heck, it’s been awhile since I shared a full portrait session.  if you want to check out the entire session, click here, i just have too many faves to not share them all =)

to the parents of my little dreamy crush, thanks for a fun session, it was great hanging out with you guys!  i hope you love your photos!