was totally crazy, but totally cool.  day one of the mini sessions this morning and then i got to go meet mr. amery this afternoon for his newborn session.

starting with the mini sessions….totally cute….isn’t she just the sweetest little doll?

this little one kept me on the move, he was quick, but a few conversations about trucks, and we were good 😉  look at those big beautiful eyes….isn’t he dreamy?

i just love how little babies use their toes to get where they want to be….

and right here i should be posting pics of sweet little miss m and mr. jack, but both took falls, one earlier this week, and one right before her mini this morning.  soooo, we’re waiting on those little busted lips to heal and i’ll catch up with them both soon.   =(

then this afternoon i got to go meet the amazing mr. amery.  i can tell you that his momma looked gorgeous for her maternity session (click here too), but seeing her as a mother, just wow, so, so beautiful.  she glows looking at him, such a natural and motherhood suits her so well.  i’ll go ahead and admit that during this session there were several times mc and i both had tears in our eyes.  so much love….

it took us awhile to get him to sleep, but once we did, he was awful good to us…

many more to come.  this was a mentoring session with mc and i think i did a little better in teaching her today.  i actually walked away feeling like she got something out of it and i can’t wait to see her shots from today, i have a feeling they are going to rock.  oh, and mc made the above wrap and little hat, cute huh?

a huge thank you to all the wonderful families i met today, it was fun!  tomorrow is jam packed with more mini sessions, can’t wait!