oh so many cute kiddos this morning! first up, harper….i LOVE her look of wonder here. we were bird watchin’

and her BEAUTIFUL sister…..mom told me ahead of time she is photogenic, but wow, she wasn’t kidding!

and the oldest, at 15. I was so impressed by him, he was great with his sisters…

and check out this cute little dude…..i just loved his outfit and his spikey little hair!

and with this next photo…..i have big news…..i found a boyfriend for little t! seriously, they are perfect for one another, he’s C.U.T.E. big bright eyes, dimples, and oh so spirited. amazingly bouncy and cooperative…the perfect mix. he loved the camera, loved it. i’m telling you, he and little t, i’d love to see ’em in the same room, i bet he could give her a run for her money and her right back LOL!

his little sister was a total doll too, so happy….and cooperative. i actually offered to steal both of them and bring them home with me. i need kids who love the camera this much living at my house!

this little cutie was born within days of Teagan, it was so fun to photograph her….I’m secretly dying for a photo like this of my own…love the one hand up..

and last up, another little cutie 8 month old….i so love this age….

and now, we’re done…..(((sorry Michelle, I just couldn’t resist!)))

now i’ve got to get to work proofing everyone’s images, but i’ll be coming back to share more favorites as i do, so stayed tuned =)