Mid-pregnancy I fell off the 365 wagon.  I hate that, because of all the photographs I take of my family, those mean the most to me.  Simple, imperfect, little moments from each day, all year long.  So at the end of my pregnancy while we were still in wait mode, and then before I started back to work I sat down and backtracked quite a bit.  I didn’t pick up my camera near enough between July and October, but I had a ton of iphone pics.  They will just have to be good enough, with a few good camera photos thrown in here and there, for that part of our life and 365 project.  The good news is that with Jonah’s arrival, my good camera has been out and in use MUCH much more often.  So, I not only added 70 some odd photos to my 365 blog that account for July through October, I am also back on the wagon.  Go check it out!  The photo above is my photo for today.  Piggies peaking out at me while I was digging through the clothes in his closet this afternoon.  I’m loving the little details of having a baby in the house again.  Tiny little moments that catch my eye and steal my heart.