She was only a willing participant in these because I told her how long her hair looks and she wanted to see it in pictures.  Her hair is finally finally growing!  She’s gotten so tall these last few months, I swear she’s taller than some of the freshman at Ty’s high school.  I just googled it and she’s in the 95% for height at 7 years old.  This means I’m just a few inches over a foot taller than her.  Ouch.  She also has one wiggly tooth in the front on the bottom.  She asks me to see if it is close to falling out  She also reminds me that I promised not to deliver Jonah while she is asleep.  She’s afraid she’ll miss it and I promised that won’t happen.  My sweet girl, who cried for days and days about not having a sister, is jump up and down excited about this little boy and his impending birth.  In fact, most mornings, she cuddles with the belly and talks to him way before she even mutters a good morning to me.  She’s smitten with him already and I love every second of it.