Again, just like that, her visit went by way too fast.  So sad to see her go.   We’re already counting down the days to her next visit.  Mother’s Day is a long 77 days away, just in case you were wondering.

Not only do we miss the Gee in all her Gee-Gee glory, but also her extra set of hands.  Thanks  Mom for all your help, chasing the kids, helping us, the housework, the laundry, the picnic with Little T, having lunch with Ty at school and always being ready and willing to do any little thing for us or the baby.  It was immediately apparent what having an extra set of hands meant to us as soon as you were gone….

On the way home from the airport, we were starving, so we stopped to eat.  I also needed Teagan to nurse because I was getting very uncomfortable, so I stayed in the car to nurse while Jase took the kids into Schlotzky’s to eat.  Mr. Teagan decided he didn’t want to eat, no matter how much I needed him to.  Jason and the kids come back out to the car because an entire baseball team is inside ordering.  They wait it out while I try again to nurse, they go back in, I change a poopy diaper and try again to feed the baby, who still isn’t all that interested.  Thirty minutes goes by and I’m getting more uncomfortable by the minute, Jase and the kids come back with food for me as they had already eaten.  Teagan needs to be changed again, another poopy diaper, so I start to change him and he proceeds to pee all over the front seat of my Explorer.  Taryn, not yet strapped into her carseat jumps up to see what the commotion is and jumps right on top of my bbq chicken pizza.  I’m trying to block the stream of pee going everywhere, Ty is trying to get into the car, total chaos.  After a few minutes we regain composure and get on the road for home.  As we’re getting out of the car I am ready to make a B line for my breast pump but T knocks over my drink in the car as she was getting out and pink lemonade is everywhere.  ACK!  As we walk in the door, Ty is chomping at the bits to play with his buddies and is hovering around me like a shadow asking, I’m frantically sterilizing my pump accessories, the baby is crying and Jase is trying to calm him, all while Taryn runs around the house with a chocolate covered face and hands thanks to a cookie we shouldn’t have given her, just to keep her quiet, in the car because it was way past nap time.  So I finally get to pump, taking sweet refuge behind closed doors leaving Jase with the kids, or so I thought.  Taryn busts into the bedroom, runs over and says "well dis interesting".  Lovely.  Explaining a breast pump to a toddler without using the cow scenario was fun.  Handling 3 kids on our own is going to take some getting used to.

The best part of the day was taking a four hour nap with T.  Four straight, sweet, uninterrupted hours.

We miss you mom, AND all your help AND extra set of hands!