Thanks for all the great posts to the challenge I posted below! You guys are so wonderful and supportive!!!

It’s my hope that you some of you will join in the challenge and then post back here and share with me. I’d love to see all you beautiful momma’s out there!!! And way to go lurkers for coming out of hiding – I love that!!! =) Please keep commenting as I’d love to get to know you all better!

Since I last posted we did another family session. My mom came over this weekend to do a shoot with us. I have a lot of proofs to go through, but one jumped out at me right away. I can’t believe I’m going to post this because I’m sporting a big old double chin, but……it’s us. Totally and completely US.

Is it wrong that I want to blow this up and hang it over our mantel. My family cracks me up! Jason looks like he’s had just about enough, Taryn is sporting her favorite silly face and Ty looks like he just knows Daddy and Taryn are going to get in big trouble for misbehaving during pictures! LOL! I sent this one to my mom and told her that she has a knack for capturing the moment and her photography future looks bright! =) I think we have more out takes than anything else, but that’s ok, I love them all.