It’s hard to believe it’s been 10 months since Lucy was born.  Her birth produced one of my all time favorite images and introduced me to this amazing, warm, loving family.  I’m so, so glad I got to catch up with them tonight.  Can you even believe how much they’ve grown??


And I have to share an extra one of big brother.  He stole my heart instantly 10 months ago when he sang to his baby sister who was just a few hours old.  Tonight I got to get to know him a bit better and he totally reminds me of someone I know…..blonde hair, big blue eyes, adorable freckles, he LOVES animals, and Shamu, he has more than one favorite color and he’s starting kinder next year.  I have a girl version living in my house!!!  Susan, I think he and Taryn are long lost soul mates!!


Susan & Chris, it was so great to see you and the kids tonight!  It totally made my day to catch up and hang out for awhile!