I got the distinct impression that sweet baby girls parents are in total and complete denial that someone will be having a birthday very soon.  When I started talking about her birthday session and cake I got a few “what are you talking about, there is no way our baby is about to be one you crazy lady?! looks!  HA!

At 10 months old, she’s as happy as can be and so much fun.  I love how they just soak in every second with her, every smile, every cuddle.  The cute little red rocking chair used to belong to her daddy and I heard a rumor that Grandma was going to be thrilled to see this sweet baby girl hanging out in it.  What an amazing feeling it must be to see it come around full circle.  Life is good!

ps – SBG, me and you, my camera and a birthday cake in June.  It’s happening, don’t let them convince you otherwise!  😉