Every Thursday we head out to take Taryn to Equine Therapy at Open My World.  Taryn loves it.  Duder, not so much.  He wants to ride and participate too and he just gets bored.  There are lots of animals around, donkeys, goats, a cat he loves to harass, Buddy the dog.  We play cars, we sit in the sun, we wait.  Today we walked around and he entertained himself a bit by picking flowers.  I didn’t really pay much attention to what he did with them until an hour and a half later when I took him potty at the Chiropractor’s office, I noticed they were all wadded up in to a ball, still in his hand.  My Duder, via instagram.

ps.  You know you are pregnant when…..you go to save a photo on March 15th and realize you don’t even have a March folder yet.  Geesh, I need to pick up my camera, it’s been awhile.